There’s a saying, “Experience is what you get after you need it”. After many years of experience in the sport and business of dressage, I use what I’ve learned to help my clients solve problems, be successful, have fun and achieve their goals.

        My role as a dressage life coach is similar to a personal trainer for fitness, or a financial advisor for investments: Professionals with extensive experience in their special field use their expertise to help clients set and reach goals that are unique and important to each individual. That’s what I do for my clients – only it’s all about dressage.

        I’m an advisor – a consultant – who can look at the big picture and give my clients ideas about the directions they can take, options that are available to them that they may not even know about.

        Working with my clients, their trainers, and in some cases their parents, I add another layer of experience, perspective and strategic planning. As a longtime trainer myself, I understand the importance of the established rider/trainer relationship. My consulting advice is an addition, not a replacement, to my clients’ established training programs.

        I invite you to explore my web site to learn more about my dressage life coaching programs.

Reach for the Stars.

Goals.    Planning.    Achievement.